[week one]

[the scripts]
|| 1.0 || 1.1 || 1.2 || 1.3 || 1.4 ||
|| All of Week One ||

[the questionnaires]
|| 1.0 || 1.1 || 1.2 || 1.3 || 1.4 ||


3 Responses to [week one]

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  2. kevsaund says:

    Reading all of these in more or less one sitting creates a very interesting experience. I’m tempted to say that you haven’t created the same play 5 times, but rather one 50 minute play with five 10 minute cycles. I’m also curious to know what the different exercises you used are, but can understand if you are keeping them mum for a reason.

    Also, the play opens up some interesting questions for me. I’ve been interacting with the copyright/CC/remix questions for a while now and certainly agree with you on most of what I’ve seen you write about both in these plays and elsewhere. My agreement aside, I don’t know if the argument is made in/with the plays as strongly as it could be, which could just be due to your limitations of time and space. On the other hand, however I think the argument is made very strongly by the plays as a five part unit. Through reinvention of material a complex image emerges that one static piece could not accomplish.

  3. Kyle Reynolds Conway says:

    kevsaund: thanks very much for the comments. As for the exercises I devised and employed: I’m going to permissively release them (cc-by-sa, like the plays) soon after the five weeks of writing have been released. I want to keep the focus on the plays at the moment, but the exercises were very interesting (and I hope others will find them useful).

    Copyright/CC/remix questions have been of interest to me for a number of years now. Cory Doctorow has a wealth of material you can read/watch online. Lawrence Lessig also has a number of presentations and permissively licensed material you can peruse. Questioncopyright.org is worth a look (even if you disagree with their general stance of copyright abolition) because of the wonderful and thought provoking issues they raise. I just picked up “Reclaiming Fair Use” (Aufderheide & Jaszi). I expect that to be eye opening as well.

    Thanks again for reading the material and commenting. ~KYLE

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