[twenty-five tens]

Download the entire #2510s series in one PDF: #2510’s Complete Set

[what is this about?]

I’m looking to test some writing exercises I devised over the past year: I need your help.

I spent five weeks writing twenty-five ten-minute plays. Each weekday (for the next five weeks) I’ll be releasing one play a day on this website. Each week includes one original work and four derivative works branching off of the original (each employing a different exercise — more on that later).

[won’t that be a lot of reading?]

Playwriting is not (inherently) an internet friendly medium. It will likely take an hour each week to read all the material. I’m hoping you’ll take the time to read the plays and give me some feedback in a variety of forms. Your participation is voluntary and you can stop at any time. You can read and respond to some plays but not others. I will use the results for a research study.

[how do I give feedback?]

1: Questionnaire
For each play (all 25 of them) there will be a questionnaire. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions, just what you think. If you want to skip a question for any reason, feel free. If you would prefer not to answer a question, please leave it blank. I will not be able to identify you individually via this method of feedback. The data will be used in aggregate.

2: Comments
The comments section of this website will allow for open commentary about the plays, the project, etc. Any feedback appreciated. You will be identifiable via this method (your name,  handle, website, etc. depending). Keep it civil, please.

3: Other
You might choose to contact me via e-mail, dent or tweet about this project, write a blog post, remix one of my plays, produce it, etc. As my plays will be released CC BY-SA you  should probably check that license out. In all other circumstances, fair use rules apply. If you put it out for public consumption (via a blog, social networking, or similar) I’ll likely quote  the author with a link to the website, image, video, dent, or tweet, etc. If you send me an e-mail I will keep your identity confidential unless you would like to be acknowledged or  associated with your responses. None of this is scary. It’s 21st century communication in action. I’d love any feedback of this sort too.

[anything else?]

Links to each week of plays will appear below:

|| Week 1 || Week 2 || Week 3 || Week 4 || Week 5 ||

Please do things with these works. You already have permission.

Please attribute the original work(s) to me and include a link to these websites:

Kyle Reynolds Conway
http://www.kylerconway.wordpress.com || https://twentyfivetens.wordpress.com

If you have any additional questions about this study, please contact me or Norman Bert
at norman.bert@ttu.edu

Sincerest thanks for helping us with this research.


(Like the font in the grey squares that used to be up there denoting future weeks? Thanks to Nina Paley. Get it here.)

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